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Plan a Perfect Wedding
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Plan a Perfect Wedding

Planning a Perfect Long Island Wedding

Most people never think out this. How do you plan your event and let the photographer capture the most out of your event?

Photographers will always tell you the power of 2 hours. Meaning, for a quality top job and a enjoyable day for both you and your photographer you should leave 2 hours per segment for pictures.

Examples of a Perfect Wedding Day

  • Pictures 2 hours at brides house.
  • Ceremony pictures, hours differ for each event.
  • After ceremony pictures for 2 hours at different locations with the bridal party. Photographer will take intimate pictures with both the bride & groom.
  • Off to reception hall. By allowing this break, both the bridge & groom can enjoy their party.
  • During the party family pictures are normally taken during a salad. Extended family pictures may be taken then. This period of time is the most stressful on both brides & grooms due to the complexity of some families. I found out by good communication, from brides & grooms to their families, this portion of time can go flawlessly and pictures will take no time at all.
  • The rest of the party your photographer will be taking candids, small group pictures and some table pictures.
  • Normally the last hour of your party is cake cutting. Since it is done in the same room, all pictures will be taken there.

All I hear after the job by couples, following our suggested venue is, thank you and I love my pictures; you made our day perfect.

Examples of a Perfect Wedding Day Case #2

I have no time, please help me. We left only 1 hour between church and the  reception hall. In actually only thirty-minutes, I want it all. No time for pictures, can you make magic.

Yes we can. The best way to plan this is by taking 50% – 70% of your pictures before the ceremony.

  • Pictures 1-2 hours at brides house.  Off to a special place “park, hotel, and or catering hall.” Pictures 2 hours at this location. Bride and Groom see each other for the first time. Picture segment documents this moment in time. Then the photographer my take bridal pictures or start with the Bride & Groom.
  • Now off to catering hall. Same scenario from there. During the party family pictures are normality taken during a salad.

Remember this is what we call a perfect day lay out.

You don’t have to follow this letter to a T. Remember its your day and it can be done your way. By changing the suggested venue you should leave appropriate time for pictures. We always say it should only take 5 minutes. In  perfect world you are right, but I have never seen it in 20 years.

Wedding are fun and exciting. Planning out a perfect day is not easy, but with proper planning and organization your day can be what you imagined. Everlasting and memorable in pictures, and a day that will last a life time.

If you need help, please contact Taylor Photos.

We’ll be glad to help in any manner. Remember we are a team, and to perform at our best, we work together.

That’s why you hire a professional Long Island photographer.

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